More Of The Same

Well, growing up isn't always easy. When my folks were away, I found dad had a couple of magazines which I began to really enjoy as a teen. Anyway, the girl next door to me was my age, nineteen. Once when we were together, we decided to show each other! She would not take off those little panties, but I got the man out, and she touched it. We soon began to look at the magazines together until one day she looked at me and asked if I wanted her to take her clothes off. I immediately removed my own clothes. I was completely naked. We ran our eyes then our hands over one another's bodies. Soon we were in her bedroom, kissing as passionately as teens do. Then we had sex. Good job no-one else was around as she really moaned loudly. After this, we met all that summer every chance we got for more of the same!

— Ivan, 39

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