Flavor Of The Week

One day in college, I swung by my dorm room to pick up some books before heading off to study. As I walked to my desk, I heard something. I looked over and saw my roommate, Rick, with his girl of the week, Missy. Rick was on his back, and Missy was straddling him facing the desk. It was so hot. Her eyes were closed, so I tried to grab my books and sneak out, but Missy opened her eyes and caught me looking. I started to rush out, but Missy stopped me. Then something I never thought would happen did happen. She invited me to stay. Rick agreed, and the next thing I knew, I was having sex with both of them. We had fun with each other all night. I didn't do so well on my exam the next day, but I have no regrets.

— Anton, 30

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