Day Sail

It all started with a day sail with my cousin aboard his new boat. My wife was wearing a hot-looking tank top. She has a great set that she likes to show off now and then. While we were cruising along shore, my cousin and I kept telling my wife to stop teasing us with her breasts and give us a look. To my surprise, she took off her top. She was sitting next to him, and I told her to take a look down at his shorts because he was sticking out of the bottom of them. To my surprise, the wife reached down and started stroking him. She gave me the, "Is it okay?" look, and I was getting as excited as she was. I had thought about a threesome and how I would feel. We anchored the boat and before you could say, "Let's do it," the wife was giving him oral. We spent the whole afternoon in every position, and the wife never seemed to tire. We have gotten together a couple of other times, but they were nothing like the first time. When the wife and I talk about that day, we both get horny and have great sex. I think it was the best thing that has happened, and we are thinking about seducing a new partner.

— Sylvester, 55

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