Afternoon Delight

I was home for lunch and the kids were all in school. So, my wife and I had the whole house to ourselves. She was wearing a short cocktail dress with nothing on underneath, and boy did she look hot. I couldn't keep my hands off of her as we were dancing in the kitchen. Finally, we went over to the kitchen table. There is a window behind the table with the blinds adjusted with the slats parallel to allow in the sunlight. The table is visible from our front door, and the blinds on the window of the door were open as well. So, anyone coming up to the door would have a straight shot to look into our kitchen right where we were. Leaning on the table, we started to have sex. She was really getting into it as she turned her head to the side looking away from the door. After a few moments, I looked up to see the post man approaching the mailbox that is located right beside our front door. I became even hotter knowing that in just a moment he was going to look inside our house and us. I acted like I didn't notice him as he stood there for a few minutes and watched. With him still watching, my wife changed positions and sat on the table facing me. Now the postman could see her even better. Just then, my wife said, "Somebody's watching us." I glanced over at the door and said, "I know. I am so hot right now." With that, we finished up in a big way. The postman never moved. When we were done, we moved away from the door and the postman left. What an afternoon delight.

— Damien, 34

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