I Met Her Online

I was in the "Marriage and Flirting" chatroom one night when I met her. You see, I've been married for thirty years. My wife became less and less interested in sex as the years went by. So, I thought, instead of actually cheating on her, why not talk to some girls online? Well, I met Gina nine months ago, and she had me from hello. Her husband was the same as my wife, non-sexual. So, we talked online for a few weeks, and then we graduated to phone calls. Since she lived almost two thousand miles away, I knew we would never actually meet, or so I thought. I finally flew to her state for a weekend, and what a wonderful, adventurous weekend it was. The greatest sex in years and then we fell in love. Now, we are deciding what to do. Should we live in marriages that are just existing, or should she and I get together for good? Anyhow, those who say you can't find love in a chat room, sorry to bust your bubble!

— Nick, 52

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