Never Too Old

In my business, one of the things I do is help divorced and widowed women with various household tasks that they can't do themselves. One of regular clients is a real hottie, even though she is old enough to be my mother. About a year ago, while I was there to move some furniture, she said to me, "You want to go to bed with me, don't you?" I was surprised and told her that I didn't realize I had been so obvious. She smiled and motioned for me to follow to her bedroom. While we were undressing each other, she said she had not had sex since her husband died thirteen years ago. Suffice it to say, her sexual appetite was voracious. Afterward, and after I had finished the work she needed me to do, she paid me almost double my bill. She now calls me about once a month for a repeat. I wish I had a few more clients like her!

— Toby, 48

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