Russian Doctor

I was tired of my wife being a complete pain. In the last ten weeks, we had forty-five minutes of sex. Before that, it was just as much. Back in December, I signed up with some adult dating sites to see what I could find. I was surprised at the response I got. I put in my profile that I was married, had four kids, and didn't want any more. I put my picture on the sites and was surprised at the amount and kinds of emails I got from women. I put in my ad that I wanted someone between forty and fifty. I got emails from women from eighteen to fifty-seven. Most of the younger women, and some of the older women, sent nude photos to me. On January 16, 2006, I got an email from a woman in Russia, and we started corresponding. She says she is a podiatrist and is thirty years old. After emailing her for two weeks, she told me she loved me and wanted to come to America. I have checked all the black lists I can find and cannot find her picture on any of them. I am seriously thinking about bringing her to America.

— Frank, 50

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