Teenage Honey

I had the most wonderful experience with a nineteen-year-old girl. She is the daughter of a friend of my sister's. This girl is so stunning that it really takes your breath away. Due to a storm and some other events, she ended up having a party at my house where we had something like forty teenagers partying like crazy and all having a good time. This girl, Jackie, had always been very friendly to me and appreciated me letting her have the party at my house. A couple of times during the night, she had subtly flirted with me. On the second occasion, she said that now she was legally a woman for any man. I responded by telling her to save that for her boyfriend. In the wee hours of the morning when all the partying was done, I was cleaning up and came to our studio out back. The door was ajar, and I saw her making out with her boyfriend. I stood and watched. He came very quickly, and that was that. Then he got up and left. Why the hell he did I will never know. But there she was, obviously still aroused, and then she saw me. I walked in. She smiled and said, "Now can I have a real man?" It was the sweetest experience, and she tasted like honey! We did it several more times after that.

— Luther, 37

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