Wife Sharing

In Spain last year, my wife expressed interest in having sex with a Spanish man and asked if I was okay with it. I asked if she meant going off and having sex or me sharing her. She replied, "Both!" This added a degree of excitement to just being out and about and in itself lead to some amazing sex. A suitable candidate came up in a club one night. He was in his late twenties, good-looking, and clearly attracted to my forty-seven-year-old, classy, blonde wife. We had arranged beforehand that if we agreed, I would kiss my wife full on the lips and caress her rear directly in front of him before leaving. I asked Dino to bring her back to the hotel when the disco finished. My wife arrived back at the hotel room at around 4:30 in the morning. She still looked stunning. I asked her if he had taken her. She told me about the night. They had left the club almost immediately and gone to a small flat. Dino had walked her past his friend into a bedroom and pleasured her for about two hours. She was aware that the door was open, and his friend was watching from the flat, but said she didn't care. He had walked her back to the hotel and brought her right up to the room. I decided that this was enough for one holiday, and I needed to take stock before moving on. We haven't repeated the experiment, but my wife still gets amazingly aroused if ever I mention it.

— Gary, 45

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