We Deserve Happiness, Too

My marriage has been okay. But when the last child was born, my wife's sexual desires went out the window. She is an extremely religious woman, nothing wrong with that, but it has affected our sex greatly. It's not that I haven't tried. I have. But she wants to know, when we do have sex, if I'm almost done! I finally got tired of wasting my time and starting flirting with other women. A man can take just so much rejection. So, I met a woman online. We talked for a few months, and then we finally met. We hit it off instantly. She is an extremely sexual person, as I am. Her husband is not sexual at all. In fact, he and my wife would probably get along great. I feel guilty about spending a wonderful weekend with her. I mean, after all, it is adultery. However, we are both totally happy when we are together, in bed and out of bed. We love taking long drives, eating out together, taking walks in a nice park etc. I would love for us to live together. Maybe someday. We do deserve to be happy, too, right?

— Jonah, 52

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