The Wife Can't Get Enough

I have been married to my wife for fifteen years. A couple of months before our fifteenth anniversary, my wife told me she wanted to have two men. We had seen it in pornos and had joked about it. She had always acted like that was just wrong for someone to actually do. We talked about it during sex a little, and I let it go as just play. We planned our anniversary, made reservations at a nice hotel, and planned a dinner out. When our anniversary came, we were having a very nice dinner, and I thought we would go back to the hotel afterwards. After dinner, my wife said she wanted to stop at this club that happened to be a block from the hotel for a couple of drinks and a dance. So, of course, I was all for that. We had a drink and danced a couple of dances. My wife had on a very short and low-cut red dress that had a split up the one side. It very hot looking. We were having another drink when two guys came over and started talking to her. She knew both very young men from work. My wife is in her early forties. She asked them to join us, which they did. She asked if I minded getting up and getting her another drink since we didn't seem to be getting any service. When I returned, she was on the dance floor with one of the men while the other guy was sitting at the table staring at her as she danced. She danced with both men several times. With each dance, they got a little closer and more and more sexy. By the last dance, she was letting them fondle her, and she was doing the same. When she got back to the table, she was breathing very heavily. She leaned over, kissed me, and said, "Remember what I said I wanted?" I said yes. "This is it. I'm taking them to the room. Wait an hour, then come in and see if they are finished with me." I had another drink, and after what seamed like an eternity, the hour finally was up. I opened the door to find that my naked wife was lying between the two men. I watched her for three hours doing things she had never done with me. I was afraid security would throw us out from all the noise she made. When they did finish with her, she walked them to the door and kissed and thanked them both. She looked at me and said, "Happy anniversary," as she laid down on the bed. I couldn't wait to get in her. Two weeks later, she confessed that she had planned the whole thing, and that the week before she really hadn't been working late. She had been doing one on one with the two guys. She had enjoyed both at he same time so much she had been with them twice more. But she liked it better when I was watching. So, she informed me that she has having them over again this weekend. She can't get enough now that she has started.

— Artie, 42

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