At the YMCA

I had my first job working Sundays at the YMCA. I was a senior in high school and had always played sports, so I could never work during the school year. This Sunday job seemed great and gave me some much needed spending money. The only other employee working was the secretary. She was considerably older but had very large breasts and was very hip. She loved to talk to me, and we became good friends very quickly. She loved to tease me about being a "stud" and having girls "hang" on me. As weeks went by, the comments got more personal, and I noticed that we seemed to get closer to each other as we talked. Our hands touched and our bodies rubbed up against each other with no complaints from anyone. As time went on, we talked about going for a swim; I thought in the nude followed by sex, but I really rather doubted that it would ever happen. We finally agreed that I was headed off for college and if we were going to swim, it had to be now. The last Sunday of work went well, but as closing time got near, I really began to wonder. At 4:00 p.m. I locked the building and turned to her to see if she was still going swimming. She was gone but the note she left said that she would be changed in three minutes. So, I ran down to the locker room and saw her slide into the pool. I changed and quickly followed. We swam, laughed, and finally we met at the edge of the pool. My arms went around her as I grabbed the side of the pool. I kissed her neck and pulled myself up behind her so she could feel my excitement. She knew immediately what was happening and turned to face me. We kissed very passionately for a very long while. Finally, she jumped from the pool and raced into the locker room. I couldn't stop there, so I quickly followed. I grabbed her and told her I wanted her and had to have her. She smiled and let me take her on the bench. We changed and began to walk upstairs to leave. We were holding hands and wishing that we could continue when we both realized that our bosses were in the building. Quickly and quietly, we got out of the building with one of the all-time great memories still in tact. It still brings a smile to my face today after more than thirty-five years.

— Tomas, 55

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