Elevator Lover

I attended an evening class and, as with most college classes, we all introduced ourselves and told where we were from. The lady sitting next to me was even further away from the campus than I. So, when I asked her if she drove to class each night, she said she did and wondered if we should share a ride. We agreed to meet, and I was immediately aroused but suspected that nothing would ever happen since we were both married. We met at our agreed location for the second class and drove the forty-five minutes to class. We talked and really seemed to enjoy ourselves. I wondered if she was as interested and taken with me as I was with her. As we parked and walked into the campus and the building, we laughed about how early we were and how very few other students were around. As we entered the elevator, I really felt like we were both a bit aroused. The door shut and the elevator started to move up when she reached up and pulled the stop button out. She turned to me, looked me straight in the eye, and pulled me to her for a long, passionate kiss. That led to a quick but great bit of sex right in the elevator. Needless to say, several students were waiting when we exited the elevator with two very large smiles on our faces. That was one of the best classes that I have ever taken, and the commute was the very best.

— Tomas, 55

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