Neighbor's Sexy Feet And Toes

This happed two years ago. I had this neighbor that wore the sexiest shoes and clothes all the time. I was single at the time, and she just went though a messy divorce. One night, she was sitting out in her front yard talking on the phone. I was leaving for a movie. She waved at me to come over. She was crying and bummed out. She said, "You don't even say hello anymore." So, we sat, talked, and drank some wine. "Forget my movie," I told her. We talked for hours. The talk turned to sex. She was getting very hot, and she started to rub her foot on my leg. She had on high-heel wedge shoes and took them off. Her feet were in my lap with her facing me. I rubbed them, and she got hotter. I took the wine and washed them with it. She closed her eyes. It was very dark by now. Only the street lights gave a glow, so no one could see us. I washed her feet and sucked on her toes. She got so hot that she had an orgasm with me just sucking her toes. She said she never had done that before, and it was hot. We went into her house and messed around some more. We had a lot more exciting times until I moved out of state. We never did match up due to her taste and mine, but we did line up in that she does now know she has sexy feet and toes.

— Marcos, 24

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