Home Alone

When I was about nineteen years old, my sister invited her friend over before a baseball game. My sister wasn't there, so her father told her that he would send her over when she got back. They waited as long as they could, but she never showed up. So, they left. About ten minutes after they left, my sister's friend came knocking on our door. She asked if my sister was home, and I told her no. So, she said, "So we're all alone?" I replied yes. She said that was really good. I asked her why, and she said, "So I can do this." Then she took off her shirt and started making out with me. I ripped my shirt off just to show her how cool I was. Then I slowly and sexily took her pants off. Then she did the same to me. We ended up French kissing. At the time, I was only wearing briefs, and she told me that that was really sexy. I was the happiest man on earth. She slid off my underwear, and we stayed under my covers for the rest of the night, or at least until my dad and sister got home.

— James, 22

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