Enjoys Everything

My wife is a gorgeous forty-four-year-old lady. Rita has been flirting with a guy that's a virgin. He's nineteen years old and still living with mom and dad. She has told me he gets hard every time he talks to her. They work in an environment where they are in and out of below freezing temperatures all day. So, her very nice nipples are hard most of the day, and she never wears a bra. This young man asked Rita if she would teach him how to please a woman. She agreed to help him. That was three months ago. Twice a week, once in the evening for a quickie and then on their day off while I'm at work, they get together for about five or six hours. Needless to say, he is no longer inexperienced and has learned his lessons very well. She said he now gives her better oral than I do, and he stays up like I used to twenty years ago when we first got together. On their days off together, he will have her four or five times. He never gets enough. She said all she has to do is give him oral, and he is excited and ready in a few minutes. My wife is hooked on him. She has gone from his teacher to his personnel slut. She has let him in her where no one else has been allowed. Their quickies are now sometimes all-nighters. Once she stayed in a hotel for three days with him. She taught him how please a lady, and he taught her to let go and enjoy everything.

— Dirk, 47

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