I'm a Voyeur

I run my own home renovation company. One of my recent projects was to do some work on a friend of mine's house. I gave him a good deal on it under the auspices that I'd have some leeway in terms of time to get it done. He and his wife are a middle-aged couple. His wife, Jessica, is very attractive. She also comes across as very shy and reserved, and it fits with her job as an elementary school teacher. I'd never do anything so low as to bang my buddy's wife, but what I saw recently may have been the hottest thing ever. I had a key to their place, and I stopped by one afternoon when I knew (or assumed) they and their kids would be out. I needed to check some baseboard measurements, so I let myself in. It's a big house they've got, but as soon as I walked in, I heard some distant moaning. My better judgment was telling me to get out of there, but my curiosity took over instead. I quietly walked towards the sun room in the back of the house, and when I saw what I saw, my jaw dropped. I quickly hid myself behind a wall and snuck another peek. It was Jessica and another guy - not her husband - having sex on a loveseat. She looked incredible. I have no idea who he was, but he was considerably younger than her. He was also tall and chiseled, and from what I could make out, had an extremely large member. Jessica appeared to be in seventh heaven as this guy sent her into ecstasy, and her moaning was becoming screaming. I can't lie - I was as turned on as I ever have been. My knees were weak, but I managed to slip out back down the hall and get out. Then I drove home and masturbated as soon as I got there. I don't know what to think. Part of me feels bad knowing my buddy's wife is cheating on him, but another part of me loved the show.

— Todd, 36

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