Sexy Sis-In-Law

This should not happen, but it did. One day, I was at home. I took the day off. My wife was at work. Her little sister called and said she needed some money to buy a bikini outfit. I said sure, come on over. So, she came over to get the money. She left and came back to show me what she had bought. I thought she was going to show me it from the bag, but she went to the bathroom to put it on and came back in the room. All I had on were my shorts and a t-shirt. When I saw my sister-in-law in that bikini, I said, "Damn, you look sexy!" Then she saw that I was excited and said, "Damn, what's up with that?" I felt ashamed. Then she said, "It's okay." Then she came and sat on the couch with me. All she had on was that bikini. Then she started to rub me. I said, "This is wrong." She said she wanted to thank me for giving her the money. The next thing I knew, we were on the floor. We had oral and regular sex. We hooked up twelve more times after that. She is married now. We are still close. We just don't do it anymore. But I'd love to do it one more time.

— Al, 28

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