Halloween Witch

My wife usually dresses as a witch to hand out candy on Halloween. This year, she had to go out of town and told me I had to dress as the witch. She smiled a devilish smile and said I had better be a great witch. I have enjoyed crossdressing and knew what she meant. I purchased a witch's costume, plus sexy undergarments. I had on a lace thong, garter belt, stockings, padded bra with fake breasts that bounced when I walked, and boots with six-inch heels. I modified the dress to have a slit up I both sides that showed my full legs when I moved just right. I had a mask and pointed hat, so no one could tell it was not my wife. The kids loved the costume, and many of the parents thought I was my wife, especially the guys who stared as I moved, bouncing my breasts and showing my long legs! I texted a photo to my wife. She responded that the witch should be waiting for her when she comes home. She was sure I would appreciate her trick and treat!

— Ben, 28

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