Strip Poker Plus

I was in the Army stationed in Germany. I was twenty-nine, and my wife was twenty-two. I came home from field maneuvers two days early at 11:30 at night. We lived on the second floor of a house in a small German town. I noticed a light coming through the shutters. I climbed to the balcony and peeked through the shutter to see my wife and "the crew" (guys and girls from the village, some married, all between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five) all sitting around the coffee table. They were playing strip poker. I couldn't believe it because my ex was a big time Baptist! I watched for half an hour before bras, panties, and then undies started coming off. My wife was about the third to loose all of her clothes, but she kept playing. I thought it was because she had nothing left to loose. She lost two more times and had to take a shot of a German drink. They played a couple of more rounds, and at least nine of the crew were completely nude. Then she lost for the third time. The guys all started standing up, and those that had undies still on pulled them down. She had to go around and briefly give each one of them oral.

— Barrett, 50

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