I met this girl last Friday at a club and got her phone number. She was a very attractive Brazilian girl. I called her during the week, and she invited me to a party that Saturday. I picked her up with a couple of my friends, and we headed over to the party. We were both doing our own thing when, the next thing I know, I'm in the bathroom hooking up with another chick. Apparently I told her that I like to be bitten because when we were done, I had bite marks all over my neck. They just disappeared today, which is Friday now. Well, when we were done, I ran out of the bathroom to find my friend right around the corner. He was like, "What happened to you?" I told him I'd tell him on the ride home, and then said we needed to get out of there. I tried to call the Brazilian girl back, but I assume she knows or heard and will never talk to me again. It doesn't matter because I didn't know either one well, and I got to have some fun. Woops!

— Andrew, 23

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