Walk-In Clinic

Today, I went to a local pharmacy that has a walk-in clinic. I had some issue with ear wax and I went to have it removed. The nurse in attendance was probably somewhere in her late forties, early fifties. She was rather attractive and she was wearing a pair of slacks and a white blouse. She had me sit on the examining table and she then went to examine my ears. As she got closer, she straddled me and her groin was up against my knee. When I noticed the proximity of her crotch to my knee I started to flex the muscles in my leg, which I am sure she felt right away. She pulled back and gave me a big smile as she re-positioned her crotch. I started to really pump away and I could tell she was feeling something. She put her hand on my leg and said, "Don't stop." I increased the intensity until I think she completed right there. I wasn't so lucky and I told her so. She had me remove my trousers and proceeded to give me oral. Afterwards, she examined my ears and we continued as if nothing ever happened.

— Grant, 61

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