I had sex with my mother-in-law on the second day after my marriage to her daughter. My wife had trouble having sex with me. She talked to her mom about the problem and her mother talked to me about it. She undressed and showed me how to make love. I went along with the idea. We went three times; she wanted to give me a honeymoon and she did. Six months later, she told me she was caring my baby. She had my baby and her husband kicked her out of there house. She moved in with us. I loved my mother-in-law right up till she had the baby. We had a boy and a year and half later, we had another baby boy. My wife found out she couldn't have any children. I love both of them every night. It's wonderful. My mother was the greatest love ever. I found out that older women make better lovers. They can't get enough of me. My mother-in-law is sixty-five and my wife is forty-five; and they are still great lovers.

— Alex, 46

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