Are You Wearing Underwear?

I recently went for a Doppler procedure on my legs. When I got there the technician, a somewhat attractive woman in her mid-forties, asked me if I was wearing underwear. I told her I was wearing a black nylon jock strap. She smiled and told me to remove all my clothes and lie down on the table. I was a bit amazed that she did not give me a gown to wear, but hey, this was all right by me. I started to sport some excitement and it showed. She started the procedure. When she got to my groin area, I could feel the back of her hand resting against me. It felt awfully good and I began to smile. She looked at me and she was also smiling. When I made a mess, she cleaned it up. She finished her test on my other leg and that was the end of that.

— Nathan, 26

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