Complex Relationship

I live in India. I live in an apartment on the top floor. My mom's best friend lives downstairs. She and my mom are the same age, forty-four. The trouble started last year when I started work with a reputable company. One afternoon when I returned from work, I went to her house to collect the house keys. She asked me to sit while she got them. I sat for about fifteen minutes. When she did not return, I went to see what had happened. What I saw was remarkable. She was getting changed. She had just removed her clothes, and she was standing naked in front of me. She was so sexy. I grabbed her from the back and started to kiss her back. Then we kissed each other. Next, she gave me oral. Then we had sex. We had sex for the whole afternoon. I satisfied her eight times. Now, whenever we find the time, we have sex. Recently, she got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. I feel guilty as she is my mother's best friend, but she insists on continuing this relationship. I still do it as I feel satisfied. Maybe I like her.

— Mazul, 22

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