Department Store Visit

I recently went to a local department store to pick up a few pair of pantyhose. As I was checking out the hosiery department, a sales lady approached and asked if I needed any help. I told her I was looking for some pantyhose with a nylon and spandex blend. She then asked me what size and I told her that I wear a queen or XL. She said they have pantyhose specifically designed for me. She directed me to a display and took down a pair. They were designed with an opening in the front panel to allow your package to stick out. She then asked if I would like to try them on and directed me to a fitting room. I went inside and took off my pants. I slipped on the pantyhose and they felt fantastic. The saleslady was outside and asked how they fit. I said they are good. That's when she asked if she could see. I opened the door and she came inside. When she saw me, she smiled and said, "They sure do look great on you, especially with your extremely large package." At that she reached over to me. It did not take long before I finished.

— Ken, 26

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