Showing Off for Neighbor

I have been crossdressing off and on for years, but have been doing so more frequently lately; as well as wearing panties and girl tops to bed with my wife. I get up early and go downstairs to make my wife coffee every morning. The lady next door is single and is usually coming home from her job as a nurse or heading to work at about the same time. When it is warm enough, I go out on my back deck in my panties and heels so that she can see me through her kitchen window. I stay out until she gets into her car, which is parked a few feet from the deck. I am sure she can see me, but had never said anything. One day, when my wife was out of town, I stepped out on the deck on a sunny afternoon in panties, bra, stockings, and heels. I did not see her, but she did see me. She told my wife that she saw a woman on our deck and wondered who it was. My wife didn't tell her it was me.

— Gunner, 54

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