Jock Strap Gifts

My wife's mother always gives me a fashion jock strap each year for my birthday. They're very expensive and awfully sexy, that's why she likes them. One stipulation is that she wants me to model the jock strap for her, and her alone. Usually in my den, with the door closed. I am extremely well endowed, and I think this is what turns her on. I will generally be in a rather advanced stage of excitement and it always shows. She'll slip the jock off and give me some of the most fantastic hand relief I have ever had. When this happens, she goes crazy. Oral is always part of the evening. I really look forward to my birthday each year. In between however, I will sneak over to her house and the two of us will get it on; usually at least five or six times a month. The birthday is special, however, since this is when she gives me a new jock strap. I have about six so far.

— Barry, 27

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