Confessed to Crossdressing

My wife found photos of me in dresses on my computer. I had to confess to her that I have been crossdressing for years. She was very upset, but said she would try to understand and accept it. She suggested I go put on my best crossdressing outfit and show her. I put on my sexiest lace panties, stockings, six-inch heels, and a skin tight little black dress. After my makeup and wig were in place, I went to show her. To my surprise, she had put on one of my business suits and looked like a guy! I ran to her and gave her a hug and kiss. She ran her hands all over me, invoking several quivers and moans from me as she got me very aroused. Then I heard other voices. Six of her friends came in from the other room. Some dressed as men; some in skimpy lingerie! My wife kissed me and said it was time to show me what it is like to be a girl. We had all kinds of sex. When we were finished, we were all tired and spent, so the others left and my wife untied me. She confessed that she knew I cross-dressed and found it exciting and had this day planned for some time.

— Adam, 32

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