Soccer Mom Sizzle

At first, I wasn't wild about helping to coach a youth league soccer team. I don't like kids, but I'm a good player, and I owed my friend a favor. Then I discovered the upside - soccer moms, and Jeanette in particular. She's a hot brunette with a tight body. I started flirting with her right away. I realized early on, however, that she wouldn't cheat on her husband so easily. So, I decided to put most of my energy into seducing her. Jeanette is very athletic, so I started asking her out on runs and bike rides. She declined my first few offers, but finally took me up on one. Then I got a look at her husband. He's short and fat. I knew in the back of my head that she was attracted to me and my younger, leaner, six-foot-five body. On our first run together, I took my shirt off to give her a look. She remarked that I had the body of a pro athlete. Over time, she began confiding in me that her husband was putting on weight. I knew I was wearing her down, so I eventually decided to make my move. One Sunday after we played tennis, we returned to my place for a drink. We started talking about my love life, and I mentioned how I hadn't been with anyone since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. Jeanette said she thought I'd be a real player, to which I responded, "Maybe I should be." I started kissing her on the spot, and after a minute or so she pulled back. "I shouldn't do this," she said, but I was persistent. "What your husband doesn't know won't hurt him," I said. Then I placed her hand over the swollen bulge in my shorts. She almost began hyperventilating, and then suddenly blurted out "Take me!" We peeled each others' clothes off and went at it on my sofa. We had sex for two hours in every position imaginable. I've never had a woman moan as loud as Jeanette. I had to lock her in a kiss during long stretches of our lovemaking so my neighbors wouldn't hear us. Both of us had several thunderous orgasms. Afterwards, we collapsed on the floor. Jeanette was awkwardly quiet as she dressed and left. I knew she felt a little guilty. We didn't talk for a few days. She called me eventually, and we made plans for the following weekend. I've now been having an affair with her for five months, and it's the most intense sexual relationship I've ever been in.

— Joshua, 37

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