I Tried a Dress and Liked It

My wife and her friends were out partying and called me to pick them up. As I drove them back to my house, they commented on how nice I was and how lucky my wife was to have such a sexy husband. She said, if you think he's sexy now, you should see him in a dress! I was embarrassed, as I have only worn a dress for her as part of our role-playing sex nights. The girls all giggled and insisted on seeing me dressed once we got home. When we walked in, they grabbed me and removed all my clothes. My wife got my favorite outfit and had me put it on. I had pink panties, thigh high stockings, five-inch heels, and a short summer dress on. I was embarrassed, but also quite excited. The one girl said she thought guys should all wear dresses as it made it easier for sex. I spent the night with girls on my lap, one after the other, until we were all exhausted.

— Gabe, 29

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