Panties, of Course

I love panties, always have. I started trying on my sister's when I was younger; I loved them and love panties even more now. My wife bought me panties only once, but she gave me a lot of hers that I love wearing. She doesn't like to make love to me with them on, which I of course would love to do, but at least she allows me to have many pairs of hers and my panties to wear when she is not home. She washes them and puts them with my clean laundry, so I have it pretty good I guess. I wish I could wear panties everywhere with a short or long skirt and just feel the sexiness of wearing panties in public. The ultimate would be to just be able to wear panties with a shirt only; without judgement, all the time showing them off to everybody everywhere I go every day, to work, etc. I really love panties.

— Don, 50

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