Haircut and a Shave

About once a month, I go to a local salon for a haircut and a shave. It's a typical haircut, but the shave is totally unique. After the haircut, we adjourn to a back room with a massage table. The woman is middle aged and extremely attractive, I might add. I will lie on the table face up with no clothes on. After a few minutes, I'm in an extremely heightened state of excitement and it shows. She then applies shaving gel to my man zone and proceeds to shave me down there. After she has completed shaving my package, she will give me hand relief. I enjoy this quite a lot, but I think she enjoys it more. You see, I am extremely well endowed and she said she has never seen a man with a larger package than mine and she really looks forward to these sessions. See you next month.

— Alan, 25

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