What A Memorable Day

I just returned from an auto repair shop where I saw a rather attractive older woman with enormous breasts. She literally swept me off my feet with her good looks. She was probably in her sixties, but extremely well endowed. She was wearing a tight yellow top and a black brassiere which showed quite nicely, thank you. Our eyes met and she smiled and said hello. I looked directly at her chest and gave her a big thumbs up, which she acknowledged by bowing her head. She then approached me and started a conversation. I told her how impressed I was by her enormous chest and how good she looked in the yellow top with the black brassiere. She cupped her breasts and said, "These are my babies." With that, we adjourned to the back seat of her car. I told her I had never ever seen better breasts on a woman before. She gave me her bra and told me to keep it as a memento of out meeting. I thanked her as she gave me oral. Wow, what a memorable day.

— Allen, 25

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