Garter Belt

Several years ago, I had surgery to repair some damaged veins in my legs. After the surgery, I needed to wear support stockings for a few months. I also wore a garter belt to support the stockings. The stockings had about twenty percent spandex and they looked rather sensual, to be honest. I really enjoyed wearing both the stockings and the garter belt; so much so that after I didn't need them anymore, I continued to wear them. I even wore them when I was relieving myself. My girlfriend found them rather sensual. I started to wear the stockings and garter belt on a regular basis. I now have a rather impressive ensemble of thigh highs, stockings, pantyhose and of course, garter belts. I pleasure myself often and these sessions are so much more enjoyable when I am wearing stockings and a garter belt.

— Benjamin, 41

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