She Liked Me in Panties

I like to wear panties and other lingerie. I have no desire to ever be with a man, but I would love to dress for a woman. I often wear a dress and stockings around my flat, assuming I am never seen. My neighbor, a beautiful woman, stopped over the other day for coffee. As we talked, she said she had a dream about being with a man who dressed in women's clothes. She said in her dream, a guy was wearing bright pink lace panties. I blushed, as I was wearing a pair of pink panties. She went on to say how in her dream, the guy put on stockings, a dress and high heels. As she described his clothes, I realized it was the outfit I had worn the day before. I asked her how she felt about the dream and she said she would love to meet a guy like that. Then she smiled and asked if I had ever worn women's clothes. I told her I did and that I had pink panties on. She smiled and said she knew and had seen me many times. She admitted it turned her on and asked if she could see my panties. I dropped my pants to show her. She asked if I could put on the rest of the outfit. I did so, and we played all night long. Each new outfit was rewarded with sex and we went all night until we both passed out on the bed.

— Ryan, 32

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