Before Camera Phones

One day, my wife and I went to Key West for a weekend getaway. The first day we checked in the hotel, it was mid-July, so the temperature felt like 120 that day. We started walking the streets looking at the stores. My wife wore a beige tank top, I remember, because she stood in front of the mirror looking to make sure nothing was showing. Anyway, after about an hour of walking, we stopped to get a drink in a bar. Everything was good. I got a phone call, so I went outside. A little later, my wife walked outside. I looked up and once the sunlight hit her, the tank top was transparent. I told her about it and she turned red. We ran back to the hotel. Later that night, we talked about it and noticed that people were looking at her a lot as we walked by. The next day, she said that she was going to the pool. I had some business to attend to on a conference call, so about an hour and a half later, I went to the pool and again noticed my wife laying down getting a suntan. She had worn a yellow bikini and, once she got it wet, you can imagine. I told her just as the waiter came by to see if I needed anything. To add insult to injury, her bikini bottom had moved and she was exposing other things as well. It's safe to say she ran upstairs and we ordered food until we left. Hope you enjoyed my weekend with my wife. Good thing this was way before camera phones.

— Mateo, 41

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