Dressing Up!

There I was in the motel room, getting dressed for the day. Brushed my teeth, put on a few things and still I couldn't stop looking at the dress over on the rack. I knew I would end up in it before much longer! Finally, I put on a bra and a slip, and then the dress; a wonderful turtleneck sweater dress, and it felt so good. I put on some makeup and packed my things. I knew I could chicken out at any time, but I didn't! I put on my sweater and headed right outside. The door locked behind me and there I was, a woman in a dress, carrying my purse through the lobby. It was so wonderful. Nobody seemed to stare or think anything was wrong, so I just stayed in the dress all day; for breakfast, a little shopping, and the drive home. Someday, I'll wear dresses like this every day and I can't wait!

— Matt, 50

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