Mom and Future Son-in-Law

I had been dating my girlfriend since I was fifteen years old. I am now twenty-six. We have been having amazing sex throughout our whole relationship. One night while we were both at her parents' house and home from college, we had especially good sex. Her parents were nowhere to be found, so we took advantage of every room in the house. After the raunchy hour or so, my girlfriend fell asleep. As I walked out of the room, I was met by her mother. At forty-nine, her mother was very attractive for her age. She told me what she saw, and she did not look the least bit happy. I apologized and was thoroughly embarrassed. Before I could get another word out, she pulled me into the bathroom. She said it was the most amazing performance she had ever seen and demanded me to have sex with her. We undressed and had amazing sex in her shower and bathroom. I have never told my wife about this. From time to time, I think about doing it again.

— Bradley, 26

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