Waiting Room Hijinks

During a recent visit to the doctor, I had a rather exhilarating experience in the waiting room. I was sitting directly across from this extremely attractive woman I'd say was probably in her late forties. She was wearing a very short skirt with stockings and high heels. She had her legs crossed, exposing a fabulous view of her upper thigh area. I was fixated on her legs when she suddenly uncrossed her legs and spread them enough for me to get a super terrific view. She looked at me and smiled; I was now experiencing some extremely intense feelings down below. I was sporting a rather impressive amount of excitement. She then got up from her seat and sat next to me. She told me to wait here and when we we're done, I should follow her to her apartment for some more. That never happened because when I finished with the doctor, she was gone. I went home and thought about what would have been.

— Artie, 24

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