DD Cup

My wife's mother is one very attractive woman. She's probably in her mid-forties and when I see her, I start to get extremely excited. The one thing I want to know is what size brassiere she wears. When the ladies were out, I went to her room and went through her lingerie drawer until I ran across some of her bra's. They were fabulous. Her band size is a 34 and her cup size is a rather impressive DD. I took one of her white brassieres and went to our bedroom. I began to pleasure myself and then returned the bra to the drawer. A few days later, she approached me holding the bra. She asked if I knew anything about it? I think she was aware of what I did. She then handed me the brassiere and told me to keep it as a souvenir. I thanked her and told her I would cherish this moment. She smiled.

— Todd, 22

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