Birthday Gifts

I am married and a few years ago, my wife caught me wearing panties. She was furious. Thankfully, she got past it. However, she has told her mother and her sister. I think they were the ones who talked my wife into thinking it was better for me to wear panties and it was ok. The embarrassing part is that they knew. Yesterday was my birthday. I feel birthdays are to be celebrated by children, but my wife insists on a cake and inviting her family over. So, I opened the gift from her mom and inside its full of panties; all sorts of colors and prints. You can imagine the humiliation on my face; I felt my face go up twenty degrees in temperature, especially when she said, "I just know you're going to love those floral prints." Her sister's gift was a pink satin chemise nightie, a purple floral one as well, and gift card to the big famous lingerie store. I was so embarrassed and humiliated, especially when my wife said, "Wow, sis, those are prettier than mine." Despite the embarrassment, I was very excited and inside I could not wait to wear the stuff. When bed time rolled around, my wife said, "Go put your new nightie on, honey." She looked at me and said, "Looks great and it sure seems you like to wear it." She kissed me and said good night.

— David, 28

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