Caught on Camera

My wife went away for the weekend with her friends, so I wasted no time starting my crossdressing. I have hidden this from my wife, so I only get to dress when she is gone. I was enjoying myself, putting on various outfits and lingerie. I was wearing a pink thong, pantyhose, high heels, a push up bra, and a very short tight dress when she called. I asked her if she was having fun, and she replied, "Not as much as you." She then added that her friend Rachel really liked the pink thong, but Paula was most fond of my legs when I walked in the heels! I said I didn't know what she was talking about, then she told me about the cameras she had installed in the house. Her and her friends have been watching me crossdress the whole time! I turned red with embarrassment, which made them giggle. My wife and her friends proceeded to tell me what clothes to put on. I found this very erotic, and once they hung up the phone, I was able to pleasure myself multiple times.

— Wayne, 27

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