Footless Tights

About a year ago, my mother-in-law gave me a pair of footless tights to wear in winter for added warmth. When she gave them to me, I put them on and then went to model them for her. When she looked at me, her jaw dropped and her eyes were as wide as plates. I wasn't wearing anything underneath and I was in a rather heightened state of excitement. By the way, the color of the tights is flesh tone and you can just imagine how they look on me. I am extremely well endowed and with these tights on, it leaves nothing to the imagination. I pretended like nothing was going on, but she was exhibiting some extreme feelings. From that day on, I wear these as lounge wear, especially when she is around. She has even asked me to put them on if I am not wearing them when she comes over. The other day she was checking out my package when I took the tights off in front of her and ambled beside her so she could give me some intense relief. I love these tights and the color is the most sensual, especially if you have an enormous package like me.

— Zack, 26

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