I love wearing panties; love it to the point I'm obsessed with picking out different ones. Every time I see a new style, I want to try it on and obsess about what it feels like. My wife is smoking hot, loves wearing lingerie, panties, and stockings, etc. However, I can't get into it because I want to wear them too. When we fool around, I try to keep them on her; most guys want her to drop them. Anyway, I'm up late and surfing the web, and came across this. Am I weird? I love my wife, been together eighteen years, but if I don't let her know or experience sex while wearing panties and she accepts I wear them daily, then I might cheat. Help? How can I break the ice with her? I've tried, "I had a dream I was a girl once," and she thinks transsexuals are weird. Dot get me wrong, she is as left wing as it gets and we have gay friends, but not femme gay men. I'm into it. Again, help. We aren't open and honest as a couple should be at this point. Am I weird or should I see a shrink about the obsession?

— Alan, 41

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