Small Town Show

My ex-girlfriend, Kay, was the craziest exhibitionist maniac I ever knew. She was thirty-five when I met her. She was single, but she had a girlfriend living with her for help with the bills, or bi-sex, or both, I figured. She was living in another town about two hours away. She came into town twice a month on the weekends, and the sex with her was great. I went to her town once a month, and on the other weekend we stayed at home. Well, I had a key, and she had a key. It wasn't my weekend to go to her place, but I showed up on one of our off weekends. By the time I had left work and drove to her place, it was already dark. She lived on some land with the closet neighbor about a hundred yards away. She liked to walk around naked a lot outside, and that was fine by me. Her friend did, too, I was told, but I hadn't seen her. Well, I thought I'd be funny and try and scare them. So, I parked in between the neighbor's and her land and snuck through the trees. Turned out I wasn't the only one with my sense of humor, to say the least. I walked up and there were like five teenage guys standing in the dark and watching her. I was fixing to yell and get all pissed off, but I just walked up and stood with them. The teenagers had been doing this for years they told me. It used to be when she lived there with her parents, her boyfriend would watch her masturbate through her window. She knew he was there but pretty soon he brought a friend and so on and so on. This went all the way through high school. After her parents died, she moved back home, and I guess it started all over again. She knows they are out there because you could just tell. Exhibitionist to the max. Some would just watch her, and some would get brave and masturbate on her sliding glass porch. It was pretty intense. I watched until everyone else left, and then I called her on the phone and let her know I was driving down there just so she could get her act together. I wasn't going to be the one to break a small-town teenager tradition.

— Dave, 22

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