Lower Back Pain

I have been suffering from some slight lower back pain only when I am in bed at night. I saw my doctor about my problem and the thing she suggested was somewhat startling. She recommended that I try wearing control top pantyhose. She said the panty part would provide just enough support that it may relieve the pain. I picked up a pair at the drug store and when I tried them I was pleasantly surprised at how good they felt. So good, in fact, that I began to get excited. I told my doctor that the pantyhose did, in fact, solve the back problem, but in addition I told her I began to pleasure myself while wearing the pantyhose. I said it felt good and thanked her for the suggestion. She smiled and said that men enjoy wearing nylons and said that if I wear high heels while I'm pleasuring, I may experience an even more heightened sensation.

— Gavin, 34

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