Weird But Cool

It all started with the girl I was totally hot for since the sixth grade. I became friends with her brother just so I could be in the same house with her. Mike was sort of a loner in school, but what the hell? Turns out he was a pretty cool guy. Well, anyway, by the ninth grade I was pretty much in with the family. Kim was going with another friend of mine from the seventh grade all the way up until high school. After getting to know her for more than just kissing at make-out parties, I just became friends with her. In the summer between eighth and ninth grade, I used to sneak over at night and jump their fence and watch her. I think I must have masturbated over her window sill a hundred times between seventh to then. Her mother and father's bedroom was on the other side of their house, so I never got scared that they would ever catch me. Now, five years later, is where this leads up to. Kim was getting married to this guy she met in college. I hadn't seen Mike or her in at least three years. I got an invite when Mike was in town and staying at his mom's house. Well, I went by to have a couple of drinks and to talk about the good ole days. Well, he wasn't there, but his mom was, and we got to drinking and talking and laughing. Well, she told me she used to watch me from the hallway with the lights off masturbating. I think that was the most embarrassed I have ever been in my life! That was pretty humiliating, I swear. She laughed and laughed so hard. I felt like just running away, but I took it like a man. She told me later on that night that she sometimes masturbated watching me watch her daughter. Weird, but cool.

— Dave, 22

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