Weight Loss Side Effect

About a year ago, I went on a diet and lost about eighty pounds. I was rather overweight and one thing about my excess weight was that I had developed man boobs. When I lost all this weight however, I did not lose the breasts. In fact, they were so much more noticeable now than before. I saw my doctor about this and she jokingly said that I have nicer breasts than some women. Seriously though, she suggested breast reduction surgery to correct the problem, but a less expensive solution was to buy a bandeau bra and see if that helped at all. I bought the bra and I did notice a rather appreciable decrease in the noticeable size of my breasts. I am now wearing this bra full time, and I actually like how it feels. I like it so much so that I have started to wear a regular brassiere when I am at home and alone. I like the way the cups nestle and support my obviously large breasts. I do pleasure myself a lot more now that I have this undergarment on.

— Tyler, 28

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