Preparing for a Sex Change

I have always thought of myself as a woman and cross-dressed in my wife's things, while trying to keep it secret from her. One day, she got mad at me about something and said she was going to punish me. Well, lo and behold, that was music to my ear. I thought the best way to get my secret out was to go to her and ask her that for my punishment, if she would feminize me. She happily agreed. She put out my lady things daily; laying out the outfit she wanted me to wear each day. She would have my razor, shaving cream, bras, panties, girdle, dress skirt, heels, pantyhose, eyeliner, lipstick, and once a week, my nail polish. Monday, I will be Donna, Tuesday I will be Jacqueline, etc. I have gotten so used to my female role and my wife is so supportive, that I have decided to take my transition a step further and surprise her. I will begin to start on the road to womanhood. I want to change my name to Michelle as I prepare for my sex change.

— Matthew, 30

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